Name: Peter Stålbrand

Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden

Hobbies: Development, shooting, photography, and writing.

Works as: Senior system developer at daytime. Photographer, sound engineer, media producer and chief editor at evenings and weekends.

Twitter: @liteolika


I have been working in IT since 1996, starting of as a product specialist in server and storage, moving on as a network specialist and part time developer in 1999. Since 2002 i have been a full time developer.

The first development work was done in FileMaker Pro in the mid 90’s. In the end of 1990 i started to work with Visual Basic 5 & 6 and then Microsoft ASP (Active Server Pages) which included VBScript and JScript.

Since the release of .NET Framework 2002 i moved on to develop web and desktop applications in VB.NET and C#.

During the period 2006-2018 i was responsible of a datacenter, managing hardware, network, storage, directory services and monitoring and also a variety of software applications. Database systems included MS-SQL, Oracle and MySQL. The applications was written in languages like .NET C#, Perl, PowerShell and Java.

After 20 years of employment i moved on to a new employer at the beginning of 2018. Currently i am developing in .NET Core focusing on Azure.

I am really into software architecture and patterns, which i think creates software craftsmanship. I strive to write testable and reusable code.

I like to share my knowledge about all kind of subjects by publishing articles and speaking on events.

Opinions and information on this blog are my own, and has nothing to do with my employer.